Heroes Reborn

I remember when I was younger my father decided to watch Heroes from Season 1. I had nothing to do so I watched with him. And I was HOOKED from the start. I was inlove with Peter Petrelli right away and I was fixated on what will happen to the cheerleader. However, I do not know if it’s on me or the show, I lost interest at the earlier parts of Season 3 so I stopped watching. I do not know what happened to the show or how it ended and I am not wondering, by the way.

But… a few nights ago, I saw a tweet from one of the actors – Robbie Kay. So I started to watch the new mini-tv-series that is sort of a sequel for him, of course. I mean look at him….


I loved him as Peter Pan by the way. It was more than his gorgeousness, it was the way he acted, the way he portrayed Peter Pan. Peter┬áPan was supposed to be part of children’s fairy tales but in Once Upon A Time, he was a villain. And for someone to make that believable and question the fairy tales (though none of it is real, or is it?) says something about him as an actor.

Anyways, I believed it was worth it starting a new series for him.

So, I started watching Heroes Reborn and I was hooked. The writers are so good that you can’t just help wondering what will happen next, what happened on June 13, what is the deal with Tommy and Malina… your mind will be filled with so much questions it would hunt you at night. I had the urge to watch the next episode then the next episode until it was the 10th episode and I had to wait until January to know what happens next.

Plus the plot twists.The plot twists are really well thought of. It was like everything was a big master plan and the execution was very great too. The way they revealed everything slowly… They gave hints and clues but never gave the real thing away. And then BOOM. Plot twists revealed and I was more than shocked.

We also see here one of the characters we have loved for a long time- Hiro Nakamura, the Master of Time and Space. We also see Mohinder Suresh, Angela Petrelli, Matt Parkman, Micah Sanders, Molly Walker and of course, Noah Bennett.

Everyone behind Heroes Reborn obviously worked really hard as it can be seen in the powerful storyline, rich characters and just everything about the show. It is the quality of Heroes I loved before. I even forgot that I decided to watch it for a guy. It became so much more than that. And I really hope that it is more than just a 13-episode series because I want more.

I really love Heroes Reborn and if you haven’t watch any episode yet then you better start now.