Go Set A Watchman


Go Set a Watchman


Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

You deny them hope. Any man in this world, Atticus, any man who has a head and arms and legs, was born with hope in his heart.


To Kill a Mockingbird is a literary masterpiece with compelling characters set in the sleepy fictional town of Maycomb. To Kill A Mockingbird left me with moral lessons I was able to apply in my everyday life – say for instance, I always look at things from the porch of my neighbor the way Scout did after that night when she was finally able to understand Arthur “Boo” Radley.

And I┬ádecided to read this book because I can’t stop wondering of what Scout and Jem have become. I don’t really like sequels, especially if its decades after the publication of the first book. Moreover, Go Set A Watchman is actually the first book written, so it’s kind of like a draft of To Kill A Mockingbird. After reading, I regretted that decision. This book has done nothing but set my expectations high but ends up disappointing me.

This made me realize that To Kill A Mockingbird is loved not because of Scout, Jem, Atticus, Dill, Boo… but of what they are together- of how their stories are woven together by their actions and thoughts. Moreover, it seems like the characters are a lot more richer in To Kill A Mockingbird than this book. I am looking for something in Scout but I guess she has lost that something as she grew up. And of course, there’s the fact that there are characters that we have loved so much that was just mentioned in this book but are not really there. Their existence could have spiced things up.

Also, this book does not have an established plot. I couldn’t see the points or the sense that is meant to be conveyed by each part. I see it as introductions connected together and were forced to become a novel.

However, Scout’s flashbacks are really interesting. The narrative is so well-written. It was written the way I can see my childhood in my head.

But over-all, Go Set A Watchman is not a good read for me. .