Dreams of Gods & Monsters


Dreams of Gods & Monsters (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #3)


Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dreams of Gods & Monsters is the end of a dark fantasy series about the war between the Seraphim and the Chimaeras. Daughter of Smoke & Bone is a unique young adult fantasy book for me. Its style is dark and mysterious. It was one of the best for me.However, Days of Blood & Starlight became just a typical young adult book revolving around rebellion and vengeance. I expected this book to be better. I expected the last book to give justice to the first.

I was kind of disappointed. There are  a lot going on in this book and somke of them… are completely unnecessary. I get it that it was how the author wanted it and she could do whatever she wants with it… it’s her book. But as a reader, I had my expectations. All I’m saying is that my expectations were not met.

However, the dark mysterious style I loved from the book is still around. The characters are still compelling. By the way, we’ll know more about Razgut and this book and I have to say that he’s one hell of a character! There were so much background story behind him and the author did well on that part. Events are still thrilling and there are still shocking moments. I still like this book. But… I just think that the ending failed to give me a conclusion. The author chose to drag on… insert some more story in there instead of ending it with the new world Akiva and Karou/Madrigal was supposed to begin. It ended with *spoiler* Karou doing that and Akiva away because of his magic.

Maybe it’s just me. I loved Daughter of Smoke & Bone so much and expected the other books to be just as good. Don’t get me wrong… this book is not teribble… it’s just average. And maybe that’s terrible because the first book is awesome. And I can’t help but think that Daughter of Smoke & Bone could have been a stand-alone-novel. It would just be a really brutal way to end a story but ti was enough. I don’t know why the averageness of the second and third book upsets me but honestly, it was okay. Not great though, just okay. And again, the characters are great. The author was able to provide us with rich and deep characters. Liraz is my favorite, though.

Anyways, I’d try to read the whole series again some other time. Because maybe, something will unfold when I read it at a second time.