Confess by Colleen Hoover

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

That’s what scares me,” I tell him. “I’m afraid if I listen to my heart once, I’ll never figure out how to ignore it again.


Confess is about Auburn Mason Reed who moves to Texaseven though she hates his art studio.She is desperately in need for another source of income when she comes across Owen Mason Gentry who is desperate to hire someone to help him and is desperately in need for another source of income. The two clicks instantly, however, even if fate brought them together, fate also placed a lot of walls between them.

As usual, Colleen Hoover writes beatifully. My heart was already broken at the prologue.Hoover adds another form of art in this story – paintings. And to add a little more spice, she adds anonymous confessions. The characters are very relatable and lovable. They are as human as humans can be. Sometimes infuriating but in the end, you can’t help but sympathize with them. The plot is also well-written.

Then there’s Owen, another guy you would love. Where can we find these guys?

But here’s the thing: Confess was like love at first sight to me. The cover, the prologue, the start intrigued me. I loved it instantly, however, as I read on I realize that I expected too much and my expectations were not met leading to my disappointment. I was in love with the idea of the book since I have loved Hoover’s books but as I unravel more of the story, it’s clear to me that I may have liked the book but that’s all there is.

Don’t get me wrong, though. This book is good. It’s just that this book did not connect to me much. As I have read in this book, “You can love a lot of things about a person but still not love the whole person.” I think that’s it. I love a lot of things about this book, especially the confessions, but I guess I cannot love the entirety of the book.

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