Alexandra  (Regency Chase Brides #1)


Alexandra by Lauren Royal & Devon Royal

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

For me, historical romance is in a way similar to dystopian and futuristic novels. From both genre, you learn about the culture in another time. You imagine a different way of life from your own.

The authors have done a great job in describing places and characters. You actually feel the pressure and conflict in the book. Say for instance, the objective of every woman in that time is to be married. That is why, ladies attend balls and such. Now, there is little to none pressure of getting married. The pressure is more on having a successful career nowadays. But then, I felt and understand what they’re going through. Alexandra has surpassed the barrier that is always between readers and historical fiction which is the setting is too different from the present.

The authors also managed to create interesting characters that people can relate to. There’s the main character Alexandra who has been in love with her brother’s best friend for a long time. And then there’s Tristan who feels like he doesn’t deserve Alexandra and who can’t admit to himself that he loves her. Even the setting is different, what the people in the book are going through is relatable. And for me that’s one of the most important thing about characters – they should be relatable. Also, Alexandra’s sisters are adorable!

Historical Romance is really interesting not just because of the romance and love plot, it is because you learn another way of life while reading them. For me, they are time machines of your mind. If you haven’t tried historical romance yet, I think you better start now. And I suggest you try with this sweet romantic book. You’ll be obsessed with historical romance in no time.