Sakaling Hindi Makarating (In Case They Don’t Arrive)

Sakaling Hindi Makarating is a Filipino film about a woman named Cielo who was receiving post cards from an anonymous person who only signs the post cards as M. The post cards depict beautiful sceneries from different parts of the country. Wanting to avoid her ex-fiancee, Cielo decides to take a trip and visit the places depicted in the post cards.

Sakaling Hindi Makarating is a story about heartbreak and finding yourself after not being sure who you are anymore. Hoping to find her “soulmate”, Cielo embarks on a journey, see new places and experience things she has feared before like swimming. Sometimes, we find something else instead of what we’re looking for.

The over-all story of the film was actually great. However, me and my friend didn’t like the pace. It’s like nothing interesting is really happening. Yeah, the views are great and she seems to be having fun but that is not enough. I found myself always asking for more in every scene. It might have been better if this a book rather than a movie. Also, it felt like the movie ended abruptly. My reaction was “That’s it?”

I believe that this movie needs a specific audience for it to be appreciated. It was beautiful. We loved the scenes showing the sunsets and the seas but I didn’t find what I was looking for. Maybe I’m just not used to these kinds of film with slow pace. In some films, building up the next events doesn’t really matter. Every scene can withstand on its own. I’m not sure if this movie is like that though.┬áIf you like travelling or stories about journeys, maybe you’ll like this movie.