Two Worlds

Just recently watched W or Two Worlds and it was awesome! It was about Kang Chul and Yeon Joo. Oh Yeon Joo is a cardiothoracic surgeon whose father is Oh Seong Moo, the author of a popular Web Toon entitled W wherein Kang Chul is the main character. The story starts Oh Seong Moo, the author, decided to kill off the main character  and end W. For some reason, Oh Yeon Joo suddenly finds herself in a roof top in front of a bleeding. She was able to save his life. Then, she finds herself back in his father’s workplace. And the shocking part is, she saw that there is a new episode of the web toon. An episode where a character Oh Yeon Joo saves the main character’s life. That’s where the complication of Yeon Joo’s life began. From then, she keeps being dragged back into the world of the web toon.

W is a roller coaster of emotion! Your heart will flutter because of the cuteness of this two. Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo looks adorable! There were lots of times I cried too. Yeon Joo and Chul will go through some tough times and had to sacrifice a lot. The plot, for me, was great and unique too. I didn’t find any part boring and I’m always eager to start a new episode. Love this two and love the way the drama ended!


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